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Phishing 401

Phishing has a fascinating historical and societal impact that is often overlooked. With Phishing401, this “senior level” course dives deeper into the subject matter, allowing

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Love Bug

Love + Scams = Heartbreak, and no one knows that better than the Internet.  In this week’s Micro Training, we will take a look at

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Covid Featured Image

A Brief History of COVID-19 Scams

History allows us to take lessons from the past and apply them to the future. The history of COVID-19 scams is no different.  In this week’s Micro

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beach vacation

Vacation Scams

Scammers go on vacation too, and they’re using your money to do it.  In this week’s Micro Training, learn more about the vacation scamming business

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security keypad

Password Managers

Change is scary. Which is why, even though you know Password Managers help to manage complex passwords across several accounts, you still stick with the

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social media icons on phone

Social Media Scams

This year’s cyber resolution: don’t fall for fake friends. Scammers may be ringing in the New Year by connecting with you via social media and

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Food Scams

Baking is the sweetest! Make sure cybercriminals don’t turn your pastries sour this year by keeping an eye out for potential scams. In this week’s

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