HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare: The Most Targeted Industry by Cyber Criminals.

Every organization that stores or accesses patient data has a legal obligation to protect it. But what happens when cybercriminals exploit that information? That’s when an organization’s state of HIPAA compliance goes under the microscope.

Why Cybersecurity-based HIPAA Compliance?

The healthcare industry is under attack by cyber criminals trying to exploit hard-working employees to gain access to high-value patient data. Through malicious emails and sophisticated means, cyber criminals are finding their way in with over 67% of healthcare breaches caused by negligence, according to the Oxford Academic Journal of Cybersecurity.

HIPAA Compliance & Cybersecurity Solution

A comprehensive cybersecurity solution design to improve your security posture on your time – while simplifying core HIPAA compliance requirements. We’re here to help you do what you do best –  protect your patients, their data, and your organization.  


HIPAA Compliance

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