Inline Computer & Communications

Cyber-Attacks on Critical Infrastructure

The future of cybercrime may involve more targeted cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure including water supplies, oil and gas, telecommunications, and public health.  In this week’s Micro Training, learn about the dangers that attacks against critical infrastructure can present to a country and its population. 

Safely Selling Online Items

Where there are buyers and sellers there will be scammers and cybercriminals to keep an eye out for. In this week’s Micro Training, we will discuss online marketplaces and selling platforms so that you’ll be better equipped to face the most common scams found in these types of exchanges.

Top 3 Phishing Saves

Phishing messages come in many forms, with many different ways to catch and respond to them. To wrap up Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we’ll look at the importance of recognizing and reporting an incident by analyzing three different phishing attempts.