Cyber Stories: A Tale of Software Updates

With just the click of a button, software can be updated. However, many still ignore these update messages and leave their devices vulnerable. This week’s Micro Training follows the story of a girl who puts off updating her software. Find out how the simple task of updating software on time can help you see yourself …

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Insider Threats: Unintentional

An insider threat is when an individual with authorized access for an organization, misuses their access in a way that harms the organization. As the name implies, these threats come from within. In this week’s micro training we’ll look at Unintentional Insider Threats, which are actions that may harm an organization that are NOT planned …

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SLAM Method: “M” is for Message

The SLAM Method is a phish-catching mnemonic device that helps you break apart and analyze the validity of every email that slides into your inbox.     In this week’s Micro Training, we’re reviewing the letter “M,” which stands for message. As the final letter in the SLAM Method, messages are a scammer’s greatest asset when …

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