Post-COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

Using bogus surveys or social media posts, cybercriminals are crafting scams to target a new audience as more COVID-19 vaccines are being administered. In this week’s security tip video, learn the new trends in vaccine scams and why you should avoid posting pictures of your vaccination card. Posted by Kenneth Yellen, Operations Manager

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What is Social Engineering?

Why are cyber scams so effective? It comes down to social engineering tactics that successful cybercriminals have mastered. In this week’s security tip video, learn some common social engineering tactics used by cybercriminals and some of the red flags you should look out for.

Romance Scams

Love is in the air! Especially when it comes to cybercriminals, who love to use their romance scams to lure in their victims.  In this week’s security tip video, learn about some romance scam red flags and how to help protect you or a loved one. A common sign of a Catfish is someone who avoids video …

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